Effective and cheap!

Are you tired of paying 1 hour of troubleshooting for an intervention that lasts most often only 20 minutes?

We guarantee you will get what you pay for. For this we operate under different formulas simple and inexpensive, to have no surprises on arrival.

For any problem with your machine, such as an error message, a virus, as well as a software installation, hardware, peripherals, etc.
This formula will most often apply to your most common problems.

For the price of € 29.90 / half hour, our intervention will be fast and efficient. From one hour, the price will be € 49,90 / hour.

For any reinstallation of the system (Windows Linux or Mac OS), system formatting, installation of all drivers and devices for the proper functioning of your computer. This type of formula is used if your computer has an unrecoverable error because of the complete reinstallation of your machine.

For the price of € 79,90, the installation will be done as soon as possible.

For any computer assembly, the parts will have to be provided to us (or we can advise you your future machine according to your needs).

For the price of € 79.90, the installation will be done as soon as possible, usually in about a week. We will be there to help you get started and transfer data from your old computer to the new one.

For any request of this type, the backup of your data can be kept safely on our premises, on a hard drive, kept and monitored. For the recovery of your data on a hard disk HS or other, we will do our best to recover your data.

  • Backup of all your data on our premises: € 70 / backup
  • Backup on external media (hard disk, DVD): € 30 / backup
  • Recovering your lost data: € 30 / backup
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