Our repair services

We can take care of all your devices and try to meet your requirements by making it cost less and more efficient. Check out our repair services to find out more about what we are providing exactly to see if it fits your needs.

Computer troubleshooting of any type

Reinstalling the system

Do you want to change version? Do you want to be up to date? One word and we do it, taking care to save your data!

System optimization

In order to guarantee the fluidity of your system, we will carry out an analysis to know how to increase the speed of your computer.

Computer editing

Do you need a new computer? We take care of advising you, installing the OS and a functional default configuration.

Lost password recovery

Forgot your Windows password, Mac OS? We have the solution to access your computer without having to reinstall it.

Installing and upgrading all types of devices

Installing your internet installation

We take care of setting up your internet box, configuration so that all your devices are connected together.

Installing peripherals

If you bought a printer (or any other device), we can install them so you can use them fully.

Software Installation

To ensure the proper functioning of your computer, having current drivers is essential, that's why we install them for you!

Upgrading programs

In order to avoid possible problems, it is important to have a system but also updated applications. We are here to take care of it!

Backup and recovery of hard disk

Data recovery

We will try our best to recover all your data from your hard drive and restore it to you.

Backup and redundancy

In order not to lose data, it is important to know how to back them up, we will help you manage everything.

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